Landscaping Design

Landscaping Design

Our goal in designing a landscape is to bring your dreams to reality with the landscaping features and materials that requires minimal upkeep (low-maintenance) and remains within the customer’s budget.  We believe in selecting the ideal plant for the best location and to create a harmonious landscape that allows plants to thrive and for your yard to stand out.  Our designers will work with you to create a plan that fits the your ideals and vision, while getting the most out of the space and budget on each project!

Call 815-758-2242 to make an appointment!  Our experienced landscape designers meet with you to discuss each detail for your landscaping project.  The designer will create an estimate for drawing the design and creating a landscape plan.

Our Designers will meet you at your home

  • Do  a thorough walk through of your existing landscape
  • Identify plants & give suggestions of plants to fill in bare spots
  • Answer your questions, discuss any problems/solutions
  • Offer advice for short-term solutions & give suggestions for long-term maintenance

Please have a list of any questions, concerns and expectations for the representative. This will help to ensure the representative will be able to provide answers to anything you may need, but also be able to make a complete estimate of your project with all necessary details.

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